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Now thoroughly updated and expanded, "The Team-Building Tool Kit" provides practical advice to guide team coaches, leaders, and members to high-performance results. Filled with bullet points to make tips and strategies quick and easy to grasp, the book covers both the structure and nitty-gritty process details that so often derail even the best teams.

Featuring new sections on team accountability, decision making, and problem solving, this team-building classic is a must-have for every team library.



You've read the books, scanned the web but still haven't found the 'nut-and-bolts' resources to implement teaming?   

These resources, designed by the expert herself, will assist in step-by-step guidelines to correctly implement self-directed work teams within your organization.

 Coaching & Training


With over 30 years experience and having influence and coached over 100 teams internationally, Fortune 500 companies, as well as non-profit organizations seek out personal training, coaching and team-building advice from Deborah Mackin.

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