Praise for Mackin and the Team-Building
Tool Kit approach

I have easily paid 8x more for other ‘manuals’, and have none with a more ugly cover, yet this is the anchor of my team building library. It is short on philosophy and long on the day-to-day requirements of goal-setting, consensus building, procedures, and strategies. This is THE book of practical advice to guide a team and its’ leader, regardless of prior experience.
— an Amazon customer
What an excellent guide for any company that currently has SDWT or is contemplating the idea. A must have! This book will guide you through the process, covering all topics from beginning to end. I love the completeness of the meeting management section! If you have ever sat through an unproductive, b-o-r-i-n-g meeting and desperate for productive, engaging meetings this book is for you! Although weary of teaming in the beginning, the use of the concepts in this book has increased productivity to 30%, we are all on board now! The transformation is sometimes painful and not at all easy, but in the end is worth it. Higher productivity, employee morale, product quality and employee engagement is all yours if you stick to the program! Avid business reader, this book is priceless!!
— Sam
I own several of Mackin’s books and they are very useful resources. She writes from experience, not from an academic or research perspective. She works in the field with organizations helping them build and sustain teams. So, you know her recommendations are based on things that have been tested and worked with real teams in real companies. As a colleague who also works in the area of teamwork, I have a very high regard for Deborah’s work
— Glenn Parker, creator of the Parker Team Player Survey
I’m the Training Coordinator at a manufacturing facility with 200 hourly employees whom we are trying to get more involved in a team-based work system. This book has given me so much PRACTICAL information on the how’s and why’s of doing this! I’m actually able to relate this information to our employees in a way that it clearly shows the benefits TO THEM of working in teams. Too many of these so-called “Team Building” books are filled with silly exercises that do nothing in the long run. If you want something practical and useful, I recommend this book!
— J. Gaydoscik
Deb has been a crucial and instrumental part of every project we have worked on. Her training and skills in change management, strategic planning and team building are second to none.
— Roy Howard, Supply Chain Manager, Delta Faucet
I have had the opportunity to work with Deb for the past 13 years on a number of projects and initiatives. Deb has the ability to effectively work with all levels of an organization, design a solution that works and produce the results needed for long term success; Deb is a true professional and demonstrates that in all aspects of her business. I have been blessed to work with such a great individual.”
— Dave Prochaska, Teams Manufacturing Specialist, Alcoa, Inc.